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Become a visionary in your life.
Unlock your potential now!

~ Murray Carter Mind Coach

Change your mind-set.

Change your life.

Master your mind and unlock your inner driving force. At Futurepath, my goal is to help free you from the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and having the life you want.

Through mind coaching and hypnotherapy, I will help you rewire the way you think and use your mind more effectively so you can take control of your life and realise your potential.

Meet Murray Carter

Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist, Career Coach, Business Mentor and Founder of Future Path, I’m passionate about helping people achieve the goals, success and life experiences they most want.


“I first went to see Murray for help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I went from not being able to handle small crowds to being at an event with 10,000 people, and it not affecting me in the slightest. Murray has literally changed my quality of life, and I recommend him to everyone.”                             

~ Hazel B



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