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The 11 Truths About Hypnosis

As a MindCoach and Hypnotherapist, I understand that you may have some misconceptions about hypnosis. Here are 11 very interesting and important truths about hypnotherapy to help alleviate any misconceptions.


“Yes! You Can Change Your Mind!”

I want to tackle the biggest single issue that people in business and sales come to see me about … limiting beliefs.

At some stage in your childhood, it’s very likely that you heard someone in authority, such as a parent, family member or teacher make some judgement about you which you took on-board as your truth. It might have been something positive and uplifting such as “one day you’ll be as famous as Ed Hillary” or “yes, you can be a gold medal Olympian” or “I can really see you as ________”.

For most people, unfortunately it’s the opposite; “you’re not [good, smart, bright etc] enough” or “children should be seen and not heard” or “you’ll always be a loser like your [father, brother, uncle etc]”.

And the real tragedy is that these ‘beliefs’, that you took on as your reality as a child, are still driving your life today!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a ‘belief’ is:

 “Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion, especially one without proof.”

One of my clients described it as ‘living life with the hand break brake on’. Knowing something is holding you back but not knowing what. And more importantly, not knowing how to eliminate it.

One of my favourite movies is the 1997 two time Oscar winner “Good Will Hunting”, starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams (did you know that the script was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?).

In the movie, Robin Williams plays the part of a psychologist and his client is a troubled young man, Will Hunting, played by Damon. Will has had a very abusive childhood, which hurt him mentally to a point where he can no longer let anyone close to him, aside from his best friend (played by Ben Affleck).  One of the breakthrough moments is when the psychologist tells Will that ‘it’s not your fault’.